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lucy dray

Hi! My name is Lucy, I am a self taught artist. I have always had a suppressed desire to paint. But due to home and work commitments, I only produced a dozen or so pictures in 45 years. Then health problems forced me to leave my job in clothing production. I attended a art workshop and meet an artist who's kind words of encouragement set me back on the creative path. I now find time to paint.

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Elia Flores


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Peterjon Skelt

Artist and book designer

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I like to create art.

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David Mullins


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Larry Lane Sr.

Folk Artist

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Vivian Wu

my art from mostly columbus state and ccad

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I’m a self taught artist. Painting is my passion though doctor by profession. Started painting earlier in life, but could never pursue due to busy schedules of life. Now I find more time to spend for myself and my passion. Used to do portraits earlier but recently doing more of contemporary works and abstracts. Acrylic has always been my preferred medium. I would like to experiment new styles, techniques and textures in my paintings which add to the depth of my works. I’m happy to answer any queries you have on my paintings and I wish to hear from you.

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Clyde Olliver

Watercolours and drawings

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Margaret Denholm

Mainly contemporary impressionist seascapes and landscapes as well as vibrant floral still life.

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